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Non-ENVi PD for educators

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Found an interesting event that may be of interest to other museum educators?

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Museums Australia Annual Program for 2018 is here, packed with professional development and networking opportunities for the Victorian museum and gallery community. Highlights include workshops on social media, an exhibition viewing and curator’s talk of MoNA (NGV), a behind-the-scenes tour of the Australian Music Vault exhibition, masterclasses on a number of legal and ethical issues for museums, and art handling and installation, seminars on online exhibitions and supporting local history groups, and of course our Victorian Collections workshops, the Victorian Museum Awards, and much more. >Download a copy of the program

2 thoughts on “Non-ENVi PD for educators

  1. Museums as Creative Learning Spaces
    Tuesday 12 February, 3.00 pm—4.30 pm
    Deakin Downtown, Level 12, Tower 2, Collins Square
    727 Collins Street, Docklands

    Most educational research focuses on formal sites of learning such as school, yet children’s collaborative learning often takes place beyond the school gates.
    What are the main trends when children enter joint learning processes that are not scaffolded by school routines and rules of authority? What are the implications of partnering with alternative learning institutions for future schooling?
    Join Professor Kirsten Drotner (University of Southern Denmark) as she provides answers and examples based on studies of children’s learning at semi-formal learning sites (such as museums, science centres and galleries) in this free public seminar.

    This event is filling fast – Register today to avoid disappointment!
    Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/museums-as-creative-learning-spaces-registration-54333929245?aff=WhatsOnEmail

  2. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a powerful and exciting student-centred teaching methodology co-developed by cognitive psychologist Abigail Housen and veteran museum educator Philip Yenawine. In monthly (or more) lessons VTS has been proven to strengthen students’ oral communications, literacy and creative and analytical skills among students of all ages. VTS uses facilitated discussion to practice respectful, democratic, collaborative problem-solving among students, which transfers to other classroom interactions and beyond.
    Please see the Incinerator Gallery Eventbrite link to see dates for upcoming introductory and experienced VTS professional development workshops with facilitator and trainer Christine Healey. See also http://www.incineratorgallery.com/education

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