ENVi: A special interest group for school and community engagement professionals working in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums in Victoria, Australia.

About ENVi

ENVi aspires to engage, inform, inspire and enrich

Who are ENVi?
  • We are a network of passionate and diverse educators and public programmers who work in Victorian museums, and freely give our time as volunteers for the benefit of the museum education and learning Community.
  • We accept the broadest possible definitions of museum types; and believe that education encompasses lifelong learning, as well as formal school learning.
  • Our individual experiences range from veteran to those new to the field, and from being the sole educator, as well as working within education teams. Some of us are VIT registered teachers and others are not.
  • Our network is based on the principles that define a Community of Practice.
  • We hold regular committee meetings, an annual planning day and share logistical tasks for our events.
  • We are supported by Australian Museums and Galleries Association Incorporated (AMaGA) and possess membership at individual and/or organisational levels.
 What do ENVi do?
  • We create a broad range of affordable opportunities for the exchange of ideas about learning in museums – both face to face and online.
  • Our events provide opportunities for our sector to regularly gather, with a view to expanding professional and social networks.
  • We share and celebrate our accomplishments, enthusiasm and leading practices, as well as support each other through our professional challenges.
  • We advocate for the inclusion of museum education in all museums, and for the benefit of our members, our learners and museum education generally.
  • We share distinctive practices of people passionate about museum learning.
  • We recognise that for some, museum education can be an isolating role so we aspire to be a touchstone for people who want to connect with others in a similar role.
How can you support the ENVi and the AMaGA National Education Network?

Your involvement in ENVi strengthens the value of our collective voices and as representatives of our profession as museum educators. ENVi are often called on to contribute sector advice and a broad membership base is – at its most basic level – evidence of this.

There are a number of ways you can support ENVi and contribute to your Professional Community.

  • Subscribe to our website to keep up to date with our latest news.
  • Join the ENVi Facebook group for shared reports, articles and information contributed through our online community
  • Share something museum education related or about ENVi on social media or professional networks.
  • Attend a program to broaden your knowledge, support your Community and enhance your networks.
  • Share your practice with others by presenting at an ENVi event or write an article for our website.
  • Become a mentor or mentee via our Facebook page.
  • Host an ENVi program at your museum venue.
  • Become a financial Individual Member of AMaGA and the Education Network* (see AMaGA membership benefits).
  • Become a financial Organisational Member of AMaGA and the Education Network* (see AMaGA membership benefits).

*Network membership contributions go toward costs associated with delivery of events, our online presence, bursaries and other special projects.

ENVi is a subsidiary of Museums Australia Education

The membership of Museums Australia Education:
  • supports and advocates formal and informal learning and interpretation as core functions of museums and galleries
  • facilitates the exchange of innovative practice, research and evaluation by its members
  • engage in a regular discussion and exchange of information about current issues concerning learning and interpretation in museums and galleries eg life long learning; inclusivity; school curriculum; links with community; learning styles; authentic learning contexts.
  • organise a challenging and stimulating professional development program for members at the MA national conference
  • increase active participation and membership of state Ed NNS
  • publicise innovative and cutting edge practice via AMaGA newsletter and Journal
  • initiate project-based interstate exchange programs for members
  • support overseas exchange programs for members in association with ICOM Australia
  • engage in formal and informal dialogue with the other relevant AMaGA NNS to further our aims

Updated September 2020

Join AMaGA and the Education Network today

First become a member of Australian Museums and Galleries Association.

Then on the membership application select the Education Network as a membership option.
In addition to AMaGA benefits this gives you access to AMaGA Education information, contacts, events and publications plus discounted ticket rates to national and state run events and programs.

Australian Museums and Galleries Association is the national organisation for the museums sector, committed to the conservation, continuation and communication of Australia’s heritage. Open to individuals and organisations, members of AMaGA contribute to the continued success of our sector and also enjoy exclusive member benefits and opportunities.

Postal Address: PO Box 24, West Deakin, ACT 2600
Address: ALIA HOUSE, Level 1, 9 – 11 Napier Close, Deakin 2600
Telephone: 02 6230 0346
Facsimile: 02 6230 0360
Email: info@amaga.org.au
Web: www.amaga.org.au
Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:15am – 5:00pm

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