ENVi: A special interest group for school and community engagement professionals working in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums in Victoria, Australia.

Past Committee Members

Celebrating 40 Years of Association at the Old Treasury Building (2014)
Celebrating 40 Years of Association at the Old Treasury Building (2014)

ENVi is grateful for the support of these previous and current office bearers and general committee members, as well as the organisations they work(ed) at:





Other General Members:

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Special mention:

Ian Watts OAM

Ian Watts is a past President of ENVi and former President of the Education Group of Museums Australia He has served several terms as a Board Member of Museums Australia, and was a long term member of both the Editorial and the Publication Design Awards Committees. He also served as Deputy Chair of ICOM Australia and on the Executive Board of CAMOC, the ICOM international committee for city museums.  Ian has worked for more than thirty years in museum education. He has held positions of Education & Programs Manager at the City Museum at Old Treasury, Education Officer at Australia Post and as Principal of Education at the National Gallery of Victoria. He has consulted widely in museums in the areas of education and public programs. Ian holds a B.A. in English and Fine Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies. He is working at the Old Treasury Building.

Ian Watts, was amongst the Australia Day Honours in 2019, receiving an OAM for services to the museum and galleries sector. For those of you who know Ian, it comes as no surprise, that his 40+ years of volunteer involvement in museum education networks should be recognised in this way.

Ian has been involved in museum education since his appointment as an education officer at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1976. He rose to become head of education at this important institution. He undertook consultancy work involving a number of arts, education and museum organisations equipping him with a broad view of the sector. Since the mid- 1990s he has worked at the Old Treasury Building Museum where is now Manager of Public Programs. Ian has held almost every office on state and national museum /museum education bodies and has represented Australia internationally through ICOM. He has run numerous conferences, and it was Ian who initiated and drove the MA MAPDA (publications) national awards for over a decade.

What has made Ian’s career so remarkable, is his sense of contribution. He has quietly worked behind the scenes to facilitate and champion. His work is inclusive and connective. He is never one to take the podium himself, nor ask for recognition. If this weren’t enough, his lovely personality has the ability to invite you in, to make you feel part of whatever success we are all sharing together. He is a true gentleman and a wonderful colleague.

His valuable contribution over the years, has helped build a sustainable industry, of well informed, professional and passionate people, and this recognition couldn’t be more deserved. From your industry, Ian – thank you and congratulations.

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