ENVi: A special interest group for school and community engagement professionals working in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums in Victoria, Australia.

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Marketing your education program

When: 3—5pm Tuesday 23 May 2017

Where: The House of SYN, 16 Cardigan Street, Carlton

You are invited to attend this FREE workshop on marketing educational programs to schools. Join the Melbourne City Experience network to hear from cultural organisations in Melbourne to discover how they promote their educational programs to the sector.

Educators from all cultural institutions or social organisations are welcome to attend and  share their own experiences of marketing and communications. If you are looking for ways to expand your project or communicate better with teachers you are sure to learn something useful at this workshop.

Presenters include:

Bookings closed

Optional 5pm tour

SYN Media provide media learning experiences and resources to young people in schools, community groups and the SYN volunteer community. There will be an optional tour of SYN’s radio studios at 5pm for those wish to stay on after the workshop.

One thought on “Marketing your education program

  1. Hello to everyone that came along to our professional development afternoon on Tuesday and to those in the wider network who couldn’t come along.

    We had a great discussion on the day. Bridget presented the social media work that she does at ACMI and I talked about marketing from the perspective of a smaller organisation. If you’d like to continue the discussion join us on the padlet that Tessa has created. Here’s the link: https://padlet.com/education_slv/MCEnetworkPDpadlets

    The slides from both presentations are up there and you’re welcome to leave a comment, ask a question or post up other resources that you think will be useful.

    See you all at our next session in a few months time.

    Campbell McNolty
    Education & Training Manager
    SYN Media

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