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Silver Linings in Museum Education

Date: Thursday, 9 April 2020
Time: 4 to 5pm 
Venue: Zoom – FREE

Registered attendees will receive a link via email prior to the event

Tickets: Free register your attendance 

A Town Hall forum on Zoom to connect with your fellow museum educators and public programmers to discuss the impact of COVID-19.

Facilitated by Sue Burgess and Celia Mallard, with Michelle Kiag

Hosted by Mei Liu and Christine Healey

You are invited to a Town Hall style forum on Zoom with your fellow museum educators and public programmers to discuss the impact of COVID-19 to our sector.

Rather than being prescriptive with the theme of this “get-together” the sub-committee organising this program felt frozen and not sure of the next steps, or what the needs of the museum education community we serve are. Together we all felt overwhelmed. Maybe if we simply take some time to support each other, listen, reflect and consider thoughtful new ways forward, that might help cut through the grief we’re also experiencing.

The best we could come up with were these questions:

  • What are the main challenges you are facing this week?
  • How are you maintaining positive relationships with supervisors, colleagues, and direct reports?
  • What would DET want us to produce for teachers?
  • Should we prerecord or go live?
  • What if the quality of what I produce is crap?
  • What are our best tips, strategies and advice for getting by now?
  • What opportunities and ways of working have opened up that you would like to take into a post-corona world?
  • What BIG QUESTION or guest speaker will we take to our next Zoom conversation?

Please add your questions when you register, below, or on our Facebook group and we’ll see what we can achieve together.

None of us are Zoom experts. We’re all in the process of learning what the technology is capable of and how we need to adapt our presentation styles to best suit it. We just want to open the doors for a get together to see what happens and what comes of it.

So, we invite you to attend our Town Hall meeting with an open mind, generosity of spirit and willingness to support your peers.

A link to Zoom will be emailed to registered attendees prior to the meeting.

You can try the Zoom Test Room earlier if you are keen to see how it works.

Register here: https://envi-silver-linings-in-museum-education.eventbrite.com.au

5 thoughts on “Silver Linings in Museum Education

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  3. Hi, I’ve registered for this event but I can’t open the zoom link. Can anyone help?

    1. Hello Agostina,
      I’m sorry that you had difficulties in joining us. With all the issues around Zoombombers we decided to send the link out in a seperate email via Eventbrite prior to the event. We will be sharing a video of the meeting to our website and social media shortly. Have a peaceful Easter break.
      Christine ENVi pres

  4. I was sent this list from RMIT and thought it could be useful for others.
    Support List:
    Red Cross food supplies service – call 1800 675 398 Woolworths Priority Assistance https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/priorityassistance Mutual aid groups – https://buynothingproject.org/find-a-group/ https://covidhelp.com.au Headspace https://headspace.org.au/young-people/how-to-cope-with-stress-related-to-covid-19/ Batyr World of Wellness Circle https://www.worldwellnesscircle.com/registration Beyond Blue online forums https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums

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