Date: Thursday 29 May
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Venue: Melbourne Museum
Cost: Members and their guests $35, Non Members $50
Bookings essential from:

Join us for MA Vic member’s exclusive viewing and discover the epic story of the Aztecs from the mysteries of the afterlife to striking statues that tell a story of belief, devotion and human sacrifice. Over 200 cultural treasures and dramatic multimedia reveal a civilisation that was based on the appeasement of the gods.

The evening includes a lecture, a glass of wine and nibbles prior to a private viewing of the exhibition.

Evening lecture presented by: Adrienne Leith, Senior Programs Officer, Museum Victoria

The Aztecs had a complex and sophisticated society and culture, and most notably, a bloody one too. Ritual blood-letting and human sacrifices were integral to keeping their gods happy and the earth alive. How do you avoid offending modern sensibilities when presenting these ideas to school children and families without whitewashing history? Join Adrienne Leith to watch ‘Aztec City’, a multimedia presentation for holiday crowds and school children and hear about the considerations and constraints involved.








This event is a partnership between: ENVi and Museums Australia (Victoria).