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Designing Education

Students in playground (school unknown) PROV, VPRS 14517 / P1 / Unit 17 / E82839129

Past, present and future

Date:  Thursday 16 April
Time:  5:00pm – 7:00pm
Venue:  Old Treasury Building, Spring Street, Melbourne

Includes: Welcome drinks and viewing of ‘School Days‘, recently opened at Old Treasury Building.

Free, secular and compulsory. These are the principles on which the Education Act of Victoria 1872 was based. These foundations of education were based on values, opinions, facts and beliefs about children, learning and the benefits of education to society. But how has that changed over time? Where are we heading? What are our present day values, and what assumptions might we need to unlearn? On this evening, through guest speakers and a new exhibition ‘School Days’  we look back at where we have come from in education in Victoria and hear from experts about where the future of education is heading.

Guest speakers:

Dr Rosalie Triolo    
Senior lecturer, Monash University, History Education
Neil Barker  
Acting Director, Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership
Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young
Director, ACER Institute

Chair: Andrew Hiskens President Museums Australia Education

Open conversation with all present.

PROV, VPRS 14517 / P1 / Unit 17 / E82839129
Students in playground (school unknown) PROV, VPRS 14517 / P1 / Unit 17 / E82839129

One thought on “Designing Education

  1. Dear Designing Education Event, I had sent my $15 to attend this evening but unfortunaty I am unable to attend as planned. I am very interested in the topic and any follow up. Thank you for organising this important event,

    Deborah Towns.

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