Date: Tuesday 23 February
Time: 5pm for BGM then 5.30pm – 8pm
 for Travelleres’ Tales
Venue: State Library Victoria, Seminar Room 1, Entry 3, LaTrobe Street, Melbourne

Cost: Members $25 , Non Members $30 Catering by food&desire.

Come and enjoy a drink and chat with other members of ENVi following the Biennial General Meeting. Be inspired by museum colleagues who have had the opportunity to travel and study museums across the globe.


Justine Heazlewood, Director of the Public Records Office of Victoria. Do you like ships?: The Vasa Museum, Stockholm There is a museum in Stockholm entirely devoted to one ship, the Vasa, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. Even if you don’t like ships, Justine will explain why this museum is worth going to.

Justine’s presentation is available to download here. (7MB)

Jo Clyne, Manager of Education and Consultancy Services, HTAV. Antarctica: The museums at the end of the world. After travelling to Antarctica this year, Jo discovered the joys of visiting museums that can only be accessed if you are in possession of an ice-hardened motor boat, balaclava and snow boots

Jo’s presentation is available to download here. (3.4MB)

NSW Colonial Government - Convict Ticket of Leave Passport