ENVi: A special interest group for school and community engagement professionals working in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums in Victoria, Australia.

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Save the date(s)

Dear ENVi members and our Museum Ed colleagues,

I am writing to inform you and your colleagues of a couple of events we are planning for 2016 so you can add them to your diaries. We are aware that many institutional members have a number of education staff so we trust that you will forward this email to all your Museum Ed colleagues who might be interested.

1. Including Learners with a disability in museum and cultural settings.

Melbourne Museum, 1pm to 4pm Thursday 23 June.

All museum education staff who are registered with the VIT (Victorian Institute of Teachers) have recently received an email informing them that they need to attend professional learning on teaching students with disabilities. This event will be run in conjunction with the Strategic Partnership Program network and is designed to cover that requirement. Jackie Brien from Department of Education and Training (DET) will talk about this DET priority and presenters from Melbourne Museum and Sovereign Hill will discuss their  experiences in becoming autism friendly museums. A workshop will be conducted on writing Social Stories for visitors on the autism spectrum. Bookings will be open soon.

2. Museums Australia Education Melbourne Conference.

Venue to be confirmed, Wednesday 5 October.

This national conference day is planned to precede the Museums Australia (Victoria) conference at Phillip Island. We are hoping to attract an international speaker of high renown (we can’t tell you yet because we are seeking a grant) as well as museum education specialists from across Australia. We are planning to hold the event in two of Melbourne’s iconic cultural instructions and provide a bus to Phillip Island at the end of the day. While still in the planning phase, we hope bookings will open soon.

We will let you know how to book these events in the near future. In the mean-time, keep an eye on this website.  Also keep an eye out for our popular Travellers’ Tales event in November.

Envi is run by a group of hard-working volunteers who share a passion for museum education. We hope to see you all this year.

Pete Hoban
ENVi President

Photo copied from: http://www.thenhier.ca/en/content/trials-and-triumphs-writing-history-museum-education-interpreting-thank-you-note Original photo found in ROM archives, Elizabeth Clark pictured in Vertebrate Paleontology, no date.

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