Share your passion project in a distinctive speed dating* event.

When:           5.30 pm to 7.30pm Thursday 9 March 2017

Where:         Chinese Museum, 22 Cohen Place, Melbourne

Price:             $20 members / $25 non-members


Meet like-minded lovers of fine cultural institutions and share stories over a glass of crushed grapes. We’ll have time for mingling as well as fun, around- the-room speed dating activities.

For years we have run our famous ‘Peep Show’, but now there are no secrets – bring it to the table and bring a lover** if you like. We want you to share your programming and engagement ideas. What makes you excited, agile and resilient in this rapidly changing world?

(Palaeontologists please note – this is not carbon dating – it is much faster and lots more fun!)

N.B. Bring your museum passion and plenty of business cards on the night!

*This event does not involve actual dating    

** Fellow museum lover!

Love and ENVi