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June 2020

Which ducks represent you?

The latest in the ENVI virtual meet-up, Silver Linings 3: Now Normal to New Normal explored what it means for the galleries, libraries, archives and museums sector as our cultural organisations plan and prepare for reopening. In particular, the unknown deadlines of resuming our education programs.

Discussion was facilitated by Michelle Kiag (National Trust), introduced by Christine Healey (Incinerator Gallery) and moderated by Celia Mallard (AMaGA Vic)

A collection of duck scenarios was our inspiration for sharing how participants are feeling in the current climate. Discussion followed with different coping mechanisms that have been at play. Christine Healey and Sue Burgess (Shrine of Remembrance) shared two models that they have found beneficial in identifying and working through different stages of coping from denial and fear to acceptance and action. 

We asked what the new normal might look like for everyone’s cultural institutions, when institutions are planning on reopening, and referred to some of the guideline resources available from AMaGA Victoria Guidelines Creative Victoria Return-to-Business Guidelines and PGAV Guide to Reopening Galleries. Stephanie Rosestone (National Wool Museum) pointed to Volunteering Victoria resources.

We have an opportunity to not go back to the way things were but imagine another world. Andrew Hiskens (Consultant) further reflected on a quote from Arundhati Roy and the opportunity we have to shape the new normal.

Something we are looking forward to exploring further in our next ENVi virtual meet-up, Silver Linings 4: Inventing a New Future.

Michelle Kiag

Education Manager, National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

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