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Silver Linings 6 video

Watt’s Up?

Broadening the attraction of this format of discourse into a ‘chat show’ inspired the team to pirouette on their own pivot! Patrick Watt invited three local public personalities who have a passion for learning and an enthusiasm for broadcast engagement and for this very special presentation.

Skye Nichol educator at Phillip Island Nature Parks, who in her first zoom presentation of the world famous penguin parade attracted over 700,000 viewers. Josh Earl comedian, State Library presenter and former host of ABC’s Spicks and Specks joined forces with Bernard Caleo, actor, writer, illustrator, former presenter at Melbourne Museum and very funny man.

Together they shared their stories of adaption, adjustment and optimism in a time of uncertainty, weariness and bewilderment. The program boasts stories of capitalising on an unforeseen predicament, of engaging with new technologies and being open to risk.

Patrick introduced a new form of penguin parade and even got Skye to call a race between Flamenco Penguin and Robot Chicken. Viewers submitted questions and the panel took on the challenge of dealing with a fictitious school group making a virtual visit to the Cultural Institution.

Thank you all who contributed to this funny and fun evening.

ENVi hope you enjoy the video.


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