ENVi: A special interest group for school and community engagement professionals working in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums in Victoria, Australia.

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May 2020

Following the success of Silver Linings 1, ENVi wanted to explore the question ‘what do teachers want?’ in this COVID-19 world.

Sue Burgess (The Shrine) and Mei Liu (Museums Victoria) talked about insights from their organisations’ survey research into teacher needs. Anne Smith (Independent Schools Victoria) reviewed her research into art education and virtual classroom resources, reflecting on the power of museums as places of diversity. And Silvia Ercole (formerly Chinese Museum, now in the classroom) brought to life the realities of teaching during COVID-19 and reflected on what that means for museum educators.

Christine Healey  introduced the session, Sue Burgess and Andrew Hiskens facilitated, and Mei Liu moderated.

It was an inspiring session, generating real energy. And, according to the onscreen surveys, it reduced at least some of the confusion for attendees.

However a little confusion is actually a good thing…

As Tom Peters memorably noted, ‘if you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.’

Andrew Hiskens


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