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Silver Linings 5 video

What have teachers learned from remote learning?

Victoria’s teachers are amazing! They deserve high praise for the way they have tackled online teaching over 2020. Their professionalism, adaptability and creativity are to be admired.

Cultural institutions provide a wide range of resources to help teachers and students access our important collections and sites.  The internet is an important tool in making our expertise and enthusiasm more accessible.

So, what can we learn from teachers’ recent experiences of online teaching and learning?

The first half of the program is devoted to the authors of a very important and timely, report from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Australian Education Survey: the impact of COVID-19 Summary.

Drs Natasha Ziebell, Daniela Acquaro, Cath Pearn and Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah interviewed 1200 teachers from across Australia to gain a summary of their experiences of remote teaching. Their summary report is fascinating.

Approximately one-quarter of teachers used pre-recorded videos in their teaching. Teachers also used a wide range of tools including apps to conduct synchronous lessons (Zoom, Google Meet), pre-recorded videos made by teachers, pre-recorded videos available online, interactive games and tasks, learning platforms (such as Edrolo and Education Perfect), classroom organisation programs (such as Google Classroom and Teacher Dashboard 365) and tasks that could be completed in the home environment

Page 9 of Australian Education Survey

The second half features three practicing teachers.  Alison Lough is a principal in a state school in S.E Melbourne, Craig Kenner is a Year 3 teacher at an independent school on the Mornington Peninsula and  Kari O’Gorman drives a MARC van and provides programs for 5 regional primary schools West of Melbourne. These teachers provide a first-hand account of what is bad, what is good and what is interesting in their experience of remote teaching and learning.

We invite viewers to post your comments below. What are your takeaways from this program? What Silver Linings can you see for cultural organisations?

Pete Hoban

Retired museum educator


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